Thursday, March 30, 2006

Shakespeare Checks In

Hello. I'm Shakespeare. I am going to make an occasional guest appearance on this blog, but I am not a silly chihuahua, so don't expect to see me in some dumb knitted sweater. I prefer to appear nude. Holly has been knitting instead of petting me. I don't approve, but she does it anyway. So she has some projects to show you.
These are my Knitting Olympics projects. As usual, I'm running a bit behind. I think there should be a medal for finishing last--I'm sure I've won it. I made two pair of fingerless mittens and one pair of baby bootees out of one skein of yarn. I think the yarn is called Magico. I hate those half-skeins hanging around, so I try to use up everything. The baby bootees have been given away to a new little sister of my daughter's friend. My daughter and I are wearing the mittens. She says I'm too old for fingerless mittens. Apparently you can only wear them when you're ten. I don't get this as obviously you can have cold hands at any age and I think I might as well warm up in style.

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