Thursday, April 13, 2006

Running With the Big Dogs

Shakespeare is a bit disgruntled and says I have to do my own blogging today. We've been off to Disneyland for the past week or so. Shakespeare spent his week at a kennel where he was entirely spoiled and came home a bit bossy and fussy. He now thinks all dinners should be served with gravy. But he did lose a couple of pounds of winter flab from running with the big dogs all week long at the kennel. He usually travels with us, but since we couldn't take him on the rides (imagine those ears flapping on a roller coaster) he had to visit the kennel instead.

On the knitting front, I haven't been doing much except going to Disneyland, collapsing late at night in the hotel room, and then going back to Disneyland. I've knitted in a lot of strange places, but I haven't tried it on amusement park rides yet. Maybe next time. I'm currently working on a baby afghan and a pair of green jaywalker socks. I'm hoping to post photos tomorrow.

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