Thursday, April 26, 2012

People Who Should be Poked with Knitting Needles

I usually try to keep this blog upbeat, but today it is a good thing I knit as I did not have a calm day.  The city is doing road repair work on my street and is tearing up my yard and my favorite tree which they refuse to replace or to compensate me for.  That is bad enough, but when I am having a meeting with the city attorney and the CE people to discuss all this the LDS (Mormon) neighbor comes over and they all start having a big discussion about what they did in Mormon church.  It was like male Relief Society or something.  Once they began to talk it was like I WASN"T EVEN THERE!!  And they were all standing in my driveway.  I was shocked.  I haven't been treated this badly by Mormons in over 15 years.  I made some sort of comment about this not being a church meeting, which they ignored and went on talking.  So I went over and sat on my porch.  They talked for at least another 20 minutes then left without another word to me.  Some of this conversation involved discussing my problems with the nosy neighbor (I could tell by the gestures, looks, and so on.)  I am still trying to figure out why the city people, who are supposed to be professional, thought it was appropriate to share my problems with the nosy neighbor.   I don't care if they go to chuch together, it was still none of his business and he shouldn't have been there.  I think the gyst of this is that the Mormon neighbor probably got whatever he needed from the Mormon city people but the non-Mormon person, being me, was ignored and didn't even get to finish what was supposed to be a professional business meeting.  I'm also sure that by tomorrow every Mormon member in this neighborhood will know everything about my meeting with the city, which should have remained reasonably private.  One of the workers on the outskirts of the group did come over and appologize though.  He turned out to be the only non-Mormon in the bunch.  I feel violated in more ways than one.  I'm pretty sure they just trampled all over my civil rights.  I hope some church lady leaves some really sharp Addi size 1s in their pew this Sunday.  They all deserve it.