Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Out, Bad Knitting!

Sometimes there are things in your life that no longer serve a useful purpose and those things need to move on.  I always like to start my new year by thinking about those things and moving them on to their new purpose.  So, for this post I have a confession to make.  Last year I knit a really UGLY sweater.  I worked on it off and on most of the year and even though there was this little niggling thought in the back of my mind that things weren’t going to turn out well I just kept right on knitting.  The reasoning behind this is that the yarn was Noro.  The same Noro that makes such beautiful multi-colored yarns.  But unfortunately it was not the same Noro that I love with wild abandon.  The Noro yarn in this ugly project will still be ugly even if its new purpose is to once again be a ball of yarn.  That is because it is ugly yarn. I have finally admitted it is ugly yarn.  Noro.  Unbelievable but true.  Fortunately I bought the yarn on sale.

I didn’t have a lot of yarn and it was a summery yarn, so I knit this tank.  (It looks better in the photo than in reality and its pretty ugly in this photo.)  When the tank was finally completed I was hoping that the addition of a colored border would somehow help it out, so I crocheted around it with some left-over mystery yarn.  Not much better.  I hate it.  I have kept it around for several months now, but it has not somehow magically improved.  I am going to get rid of it, Noro and all. 

I am now working on a nice wooly vest.