Saturday, March 04, 2006

Failure at First Olympics

I'm an expert knitter, but a really bad blogger - so any advise, please pass it on.

That said, now I get to give my results for the KNITTING OLYMPICS . I'm a little behind on this, but then again, I'm hardly ever on time for anything.

You did notice that most Olympic athletes don't medal? Maybe they all have a story similar to mine.

I had a lot of little projects on the knitting agenda, so I entered the biathalon division. I had in mind 1 and 1/2 pairs of fingerless gloves, a pair of baby bootees and my first ever pair of Jaywalker socks. The event started well. I cast on the 1/2 fingerless glove during opening cermonies and finished quickly. I finished the second pair within a few days and cast on the first bootee. Sometime along the way I cast on the first Jaywalker and got the top partially completed. Then disaster struck. During the start of the second week I was lured away from my event and towards an alternate event called "Sledding with Children". This resulted in a run down a hill and over a mogul. I gained speed at an alarming pace and would have been going still, except for that fence. Owww---. Later that night as I was watching Olympic highlights and working on the Jaywalker it was apparant that I had sustained a more serious sports injury than first suspected. I had sprained my right knitting appendage. It was swelling. The Jaywalker knitting, done on size 1 double points and involving many increases and decreases, was quickly making my sports injury painful. So even after an hour or so of ice I had to slow down switched back to the easier event - the simple baby bootees. All went well for the next hour or so - but then as you can plainly see in the above picture, I had a rather shocking equipment breakage.
Some people would say that I'm never knitting with a full pair of needles - but those people would be wrong.
Still, I persevered. I did finish the bootees, but by the time my hand was back up to Jaywalker caliber the Olympics were over. And I really wanted that cool gold medal button too.

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